Introducing Alpha, The First Plug Designed for Long-Term Wear

It began with a comment:

I wonder if Tantus hires consultants. Will work for plugs. 😉

I started thinking, if not seriously at first, about what my ideal plug would look like. I commonly criticize plugs for being too complicated and having bases that are irritating for long-term wear. And plugs which are comfortable for long-term use are usually smaller than I’d like. My ideal plug would need to have a simple, organic shape, a well-thought-out base, and enough mass to be satisfyingly filling without being distracting. A tall order, but I thought I could do it.

And so I started designing, and prototyping, and testing. What I came up with far exceeded my expectations. Today, I am very pleased to announce that you, too, can experience the best butt plug I have ever used.

Introducing Alpha, the first plug designed by a butt plug lover, for butt plug lovers, specifically for long-term wear.

Alpha Plug

Alpha was shaped by hand for easy insertion and retention. Its 2-inch bulb and 1-inch neck will fill you up and stretch you out for days without becoming uncomfortable. The premium silicone material is firm, but flexible, non-porous, and phthalate-free. With some care, it should last a lifetime.

But it’s the base that really sets Alpha apart as the top dog. The neck gradually transitions into the base, making it very comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. It is also the same width as the neck, which feels very natural between the cheeks. Absent are the sharp edges and right angles found on so many other plugs; only simple, gentle curves make Alpha THE plug for long-term wear.

Alpha is now available in translucent blue and translucent white in the new Plug Love store (Implicit Creations store). While you’re there, pick up some Maximus lube. The best plug deserves the best water-based lube to go with it.


14 thoughts on “Introducing Alpha, The First Plug Designed for Long-Term Wear

  1. I own the BOSS Silicone Stopper IV, and it the best plug I have for long-term wear. I’m wondering how will you compare Alpha and Boss Stopper IV?

    If I already have a Boss Stopper IV, does this Alpha do much better job than Boss Stopper IV?

    • Hi there. Good question.

      I like the Silicone Stopper and my review of it still stands. Where I feel Alpha improves on it is in the design of the base. Alpha’s base is narrower, and critically, the same width as the neck. I really feel like that is the key to making the plug feel more natural. When the base is wider than the neck, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be uncomfortable, but it suggests, at least to my body, that there is something foreign down there which is felt with every step and even more so while sitting. With Alpha, I feel like I get the same stretch and filling feeling as the Stopper, but with a base that just feels like it belongs.

      Now, clearly I am biased, but since creating Alpha, I haven’t felt the need to use any other plug.

  2. So how is this shipped? I live in Canada and I think I’d like to try one, but the only option is the 10 dollar UPS (At least if I don’t want to spend 30 dollars). Does it come stamped with something that says HEY GUYS INSIDE THIS IS A BUTTPLUG because I have room-mates and that would be an awkward conversation.

    • Hi. Products are shipped via USPS in plain brown cardboard boxes. Shipping to Canada would be considered an international shipment, so I am required to affix a CN 22 customs declaration form to the box, but I try to keep the contents description discreet. So “molded toy” instead of “butt plug.” If there’s another way you would prefer me to phrase it, I would consider it, but customs requires an accurate description. I can also ship to P.O. boxes if you’re still concerned about your roommates.

      If you have any additional concerns, feel free to contact me using this form. Thanks!

  3. Well. That sounds fine to me. Thanks for the prompt response btw. I think I’m gonna order one after all, because you seem like an affable kind of person. I’ll let ya know what I think of it.

  4. its out of stock!!!!! i usually use a 1.5″ (diameter) do you think its a nice step, im really looking forward to a 24/7 plug, please let me know when its on stock!

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