Mr. S Leather Inflatable Plug with Firm Core


The world of “adult novelties” is full of gimmicks and cheap crap, and nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to inflatables. And it’s no wonder—inflatables present a tantalizing possibility: to be filled to your absolute limit. The reality is often little more than a balloon that breaks after a couple of uses.

So last year, when I decided to give inflatables (another) try, I spent a good amount of time researching my options. I wanted something well made and the inflatable plug from Mr. S Leather delivered.

With its classic shape and firm (not hard) core, the plug goes in easily and is nice to use even when deflated. The core is enveloped by a thick layer of high quality latex that forms the space that becomes inflated when pumped. The pump, which looks like it would be right at home on a medical device, is connected to the plug by a foot-long flexible rubber tube and has a nice metal release valve.

The plug comes in three different sizes: medium, large, and extra-large; but they probably should have been called medium, huge, and OMG! Mr. S obviously caters to a more experienced crowd. I originally bought what they call large, and while I can get it in just fine, and it feels nice, it doesn’t leave me with much room for inflation, and where’s the fun in that? Maybe someday I’ll need the large to fill me up, but for now the medium is doing just fine.

Usage of this plug is about what you’d expect. I like to slide a condom over mine before I start since the latex isn’t sterilizable like silicone is. Once in, the plug is quite comfortable, but it likes a pump or two to stay in.

Being pumped up is a sensation unlike anything else. It’s hard to describe. I would encourage everyone to give it a try if they get a chance. It’s intense and fun, but I would say it is just a little too squishy to make it as pleasurable as a good firm silicone toy. I think it feels best to inflate and deflate the plug in quick succession, adding one more pump each time. One…release; two…release; three…release—until I can’t take anymore. Five pumps is a nice resting place for me, and ten seems to be my absolute limit, though the plug itself seems like it could take a few more without problem. I like to fantasize about being tied up with this plug in, having my girl give the pump a squeeze every 15 minutes, and knowing that I have no choice but to take it. Maybe some day.

That’s what I think this plug is really good at: that fantasy sort of stuff…fun and crazy times in the bedroom. At the same time, I do recognize that care has to be taken with the inflation. Unlike a normal anal toy, which you have to get through a (relatively) small opening before it can fill you up, it is easy to imagine overzealous inflation leading to injury if you don’t listen to your body. Take it slow; it’s not a contest.

This plug may not be the best bet for long-term wear. Besides the obvious impracticality of walking around with a tail (the pump), I don’t think the lemon-like shape of the inflated plug is that comfortable over time. This one just won’t let you forget it’s there, unlike plugs better suited to the task.

When you aim to wear a plug for hours or days or weeks, a key requirement for that plug is the ability for it to become part of your body. And even though this inflatable plug doesn’t offer that ability, for its fantasy inducing fun and high quality construction, it will always have a place in my toy box.