Mr. S Leather Inflatable Plug with Firm Core


The world of “adult novelties” is full of gimmicks and cheap crap, and nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to inflatables. And it’s no wonder—inflatables present a tantalizing possibility: to be filled to your absolute limit. The reality is often little more than a balloon that breaks after a couple of uses.

So last year, when I decided to give inflatables (another) try, I spent a good amount of time researching my options. I wanted something well made and the inflatable plug from Mr. S Leather delivered.

With its classic shape and firm (not hard) core, the plug goes in easily and is nice to use even when deflated. The core is enveloped by a thick layer of high quality latex that forms the space that becomes inflated when pumped. The pump, which looks like it would be right at home on a medical device, is connected to the plug by a foot-long flexible rubber tube and has a nice metal release valve.

The plug comes in three different sizes: medium, large, and extra-large; but they probably should have been called medium, huge, and OMG! Mr. S obviously caters to a more experienced crowd. I originally bought what they call large, and while I can get it in just fine, and it feels nice, it doesn’t leave me with much room for inflation, and where’s the fun in that? Maybe someday I’ll need the large to fill me up, but for now the medium is doing just fine.

Usage of this plug is about what you’d expect. I like to slide a condom over mine before I start since the latex isn’t sterilizable like silicone is. Once in, the plug is quite comfortable, but it likes a pump or two to stay in.

Being pumped up is a sensation unlike anything else. It’s hard to describe. I would encourage everyone to give it a try if they get a chance. It’s intense and fun, but I would say it is just a little too squishy to make it as pleasurable as a good firm silicone toy. I think it feels best to inflate and deflate the plug in quick succession, adding one more pump each time. One…release; two…release; three…release—until I can’t take anymore. Five pumps is a nice resting place for me, and ten seems to be my absolute limit, though the plug itself seems like it could take a few more without problem. I like to fantasize about being tied up with this plug in, having my girl give the pump a squeeze every 15 minutes, and knowing that I have no choice but to take it. Maybe some day.

That’s what I think this plug is really good at: that fantasy sort of stuff…fun and crazy times in the bedroom. At the same time, I do recognize that care has to be taken with the inflation. Unlike a normal anal toy, which you have to get through a (relatively) small opening before it can fill you up, it is easy to imagine overzealous inflation leading to injury if you don’t listen to your body. Take it slow; it’s not a contest.

This plug may not be the best bet for long-term wear. Besides the obvious impracticality of walking around with a tail (the pump), I don’t think the lemon-like shape of the inflated plug is that comfortable over time. This one just won’t let you forget it’s there, unlike plugs better suited to the task.

When you aim to wear a plug for hours or days or weeks, a key requirement for that plug is the ability for it to become part of your body. And even though this inflatable plug doesn’t offer that ability, for its fantasy inducing fun and high quality construction, it will always have a place in my toy box.

Tantus Severin Large


Tantus Severin Large

I’ve had this post sitting in draft status for a month now with only that word. Wow. It’s not that I don’t know how to write about this plug; I just think that one word sums it up so perfectly that I don’t know what else to add. But let me take a stab at it anyway.

This was the second plug I ever bought, before I realized what a big difference a small increase in diameter makes. All I knew was that it looked awesome and I had to have it in me. In retrospect, it may have been a little bit ambitious. At 2-3/8″ in diameter and 6″ long as I measure it now, this plug is definitely not for beginners. But I was determined, and with some patience, and a lot of lube, I got it in.

That feeling. You always remember that first time you get the big one in. Once you get it past the critical point, and it begins to slide in on its own, it hits you: a feeling of accomplishment, relief, pain, and pleasure all at once. That feeling was exaggerated by this plug’s design. It doesn’t have as gradual of a taper as most plugs; it goes from about 1-1/2″ in the middle to the full width very quickly, then back down to a long 1-1/2″ wide neck just as quick. Because it doesn’t taper, I would recommend using another plug to warm up with. That said, the design does keep it in place very well for long-term wear.

The neck, in particular, facilitates that goal. I find the length of it to be perfect for my anatomy. It pushes most of the mass of the plug deeper inside of me where it feels better, and its width gives me the most satisfying stretch of any plug I own. I may have some plugs with wider necks, but it’s the shape of it, the bulb-neck-base ratio, the length and gentle curve of it that makes all the difference. It’s just comfortable.

Tantus Severin Large Base

Likewise, the base of the Large Severin makes it a great long-term plug. Like the BOSS Silicone Stopper, it has an ideal hour-glass shape. Mine also arrived with its sharp edges from the molding process trimmed off, which significantly reduces irritation. All manufacturers should do this!

What don’t I like about this plug? Well, the two bulb design does nothing for me. Some people describe the area between the bulbs as a nice “resting” place to get acclimated to the plug before proceeding to the larger bulb. For me, it’s not really long enough to rest comfortably and you certainly can’t feel it once it’s inside you. Truthfully it just serves as a space to collect waste. I don’t want to be too gross, but this is my least favorite plug to clean off after a long session.

The plug can also be a little hard to get in. Like I said, you definitely have to warm up first. I’ve been using this plug several times a week for the past month or so, and I can report that it gets easier to put in the more you use it. I’m definitely to a point where I can go straight to it without any trouble. But I also know that if I didn’t practice putting it in at least once a week, my butt would revert to its “normal” state and I would have to start all over. That makes this plug something you kind of have to work on to use, but it is definitely worth it.

I will say that I have found that it is easier to put this plug in when you bear down and push out a bit as it, rather counter-intuitively, relaxes your anal muscles more. Experienced readers may think that’s old news, but it took me a while to figure that out.

I also own the medium version of this plug which, despite having the same shape, feels completely different. I couldn’t believe it when I first tried it. I will review that plug in another post.

This is a really great plug. It’s a good stretch with a nice full feeling, and, despite the size, very comfortable for long-term wear.

njoy Pure Plug 2.0

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review, and truthfully, I haven’t been plugging as much since moving in with my girlfriend last year. But seeing as tonight I have the house to myself, and I’ve had either my Tantus Ryder or my BOSS Silicone Stopper filling my ass for the past 36 hours, I thought it would be a good time to review another plug.

Pure Plug 2.0 in Box

Presenting, the njoy Pure Plug 2.0. Measuring in at 2″ in diameter, and made of 1.3 pounds of surgical-grade stainless steel, this thing is a beast, and pretty too. If you’ve read other reviews of this plug, you’ll know that everybody talks about that weight. It really is the first thing you notice when you get it. Well, that, and the very nice box it comes in. This is truly a premium product, and it should be for over $100.

So does all that weight translate into a more intense experience? Well, yes, but not as much as I was expecting. From other reviews, I thought I’d hardly be able to keep it in while walking around, but it turned out not to be an issue at all. But I’m getting ahead of myself; first, you need to get it in.

For being 2″ in diameter, the Pure Plug 2.0 is surprisingly easy to insert, even without any warmup, thanks to the perfectly smooth stainless steel. Just a drop of lube and it’s as slippery as ice–and almost as cold. The steel provides a very different sensation compared to silicone. Besides feeling colder initially, it doesn’t give, and with its immense weight, it practically glides in by the force of gravity. I would have to warm up for 10-15 minutes if I wanted to put a 2″ silicone plug in with the same ease. That makes this plug a great go-to when I want to be filled up without the hassle.

Once in, it takes several minutes for the cold steel to warm up to body temperature. Those few minutes leave me writhing around on the floor with pleasure. The huge hunk of metal inside me becomes my whole universe. It’s all I can feel, and all I can think about. But then it warms up, and my body acclimates to the size and weight, and it slowly becomes a part of me. Supposedly, this plug can be run under cold or warm water before insertion for a different sensation, but I haven’t tried that.

Pure Plug 2.0 in Hand

The neck size is generally one of the most noticeable attributes of a given plug, because that is what stretches you out. The Pure Plug 2.0 has a relatively slim neck, smaller than my pinky in parts, which keeps it feeling very comfortable. So if it’s a stretch you’re looking for, this plug is not for you.

While walking, the plug definitely makes its presence known with a slosh back and forth, but I have not found it difficult to keep it in. I do not have to apply any extra pressure to keep it from falling out. That said, I often like relaxing my muscles and letting it slide out just a little bit, an inch or so, to enjoy the feeling of a bit more weight and stretch on my inner sphincter. I do that without fear of it falling out entirely.

The base is also slim, like the neck, but has just enough hard edges to make it irritating after a while. I can only go 12 hours or so before the base has me reaching for another plug. I do like the creative options that the ring-shaped base offers, but care has to be taken when sitting down on hard surfaces or a loud knock will reveal the hard object in your bottom.

This is probably my favorite plug to sleep with. The slim neck and base keep it from being too distracting while the weight provides a pleasant reminder of its presence every time I roll over. And rocking it back and forth while lying down rubs me in all the right places.

So what do we have then? A big, heavy, pretty plug which is easy to insert, intense for a little while, and then gives way to a fairly comfortable experience, which reminds you it’s there when you want it to, at least until the base becomes too irritating to tolerate any longer. I’d say it’s a specialized plug. If it offers what you’re looking for, then go for it, but don’t expect it to be a great general purpose plug. For that, you might want to look at the BOSS Silicone Stopper or Tantus Severin, which may be my next review.

And for those of you who are curious about the small, medium, and large versions of this plug, I’d say, unless you’re a beginner, pass on them. Keen observers may have noticed that I own all versions of the Pure Plug, so I can say from experience that even the large will leave you wanting more. And with as easy as the 2.0 is to insert, I see no reason not to go for it.

BOSS Silicone Stopper IV

I mentioned in my review of the Tantus Ryder that, while being my go-to plug, it is not my favorite. That honor goes to this very special plug: BOSS Silicone Stopper IV by MODE-DESIGN (in all caps as is typical of Japanese usage of English).

The BOSS Stopper

While on vacation in Japan, I stopped into one of the many adult shops in the Akihabara district of Tokyo. As I browsed the shop’s five or six floors, I was amazed to come across this set of butt plugs. I would normally expect to see a few cheap, plasticky “novelties,” but these were made out of silicone, arguably the best material for anal toys due to its non-porous, sterilizable nature. And they were cheap too, around $25! Quality silicone toys like these often go for double that online. It was too good to pass up and my ass was hungry, so I bought the biggest model, a little bottle of Astroglide, and put it all into my backpack. I met up with my travel partner to hit up our next sightseeing destination, the Tokyo Government Building, which we planned to go to the top of before leaving for home that evening.

When we arrived, I noticed that they were doing bag inspections. I couldn’t let them or my friend see what I had just bought. So I turned back to dispose of the evidence. And what better way of doing that than hiding it in your butt? I found a bathroom, took the plug out of the box, and examined it.

First thought: It’s sooo smooth. It has a satiny matte finish like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The closest thing I can think of to compare it to is the “soft-touch” rubber backs appearing on some cell phones now. Now that I think about it, the finish on the Tantus A-Bomb comes close, but it’s still not nearly as nice as on this BOSS Stopper.

I put a little bit of lube on it and began to slide it in, conscious of the people just outside the stall door. My ass protested to its 2″ girth—it had been weeks since I had used a butt plug, and normally I’d need to warm up for one this big. With a little more lube, and a lot more pressure, I managed to get the plug in. It hurt, but it was in. I pulled up my pants and walked back out to the streets of Tokyo, my ass completely stuffed.

Thankfully, due to the plug’s slim neck, I adjusted relatively quickly. At 7/8″ wide, the neck is no bigger than a thumb. The base is pretty small for a plug of this size, measuring 3.25″ long and 1.25-1.5″ wide. The base has an hourglass shape which helps it to fit well between the cheeks, and feels very comfortable standing, walking, or even sitting for long periods of time. The bottom of the base does exhibit some hard right angles, but being 1/2″ thick, it sticks far enough outside the cheeks not to cause any pinching or irritation. Here it is next to a soda can for comparison:

BOSS Stopper Size

The BOSS Stopper ended up feeling so comfortable, and the large 2″ bulb sitting just inside felt so good against the lower part of my prostate, that I decided to keep it in for the rest of the trip and the 16 hour plane ride home. The only thing I made sure to do was to take out the small metal ring that came on the bottom, so as to not set off any metal detectors when going through security at the airport. The small metal loop which the ring attaches to is not removable, so I was still a little worried about setting off the detectors. Needless to say, going through airport security was nerve-racking and exhilarating.

Where the ring attaches to on the BOSS Stopper.

I made it through security (twice) without a hitch, though I would not attempt that again now that we’re in the era of backscatter X-ray machines.

Since that trip, I managed to wear it on a 12 hour car ride, and on another occasion, I kept it in for five days straight, taking it out only to use the bathroom. The Stopper’s relatively slim neck and small, well-shaped base make this one of the most comfortable plugs I’ve had the pleasure of using, and the thickness of the bulb means it’s still a very intense experience for the duration. I’ve even come up with some creative uses for the ring on the bottom involving small chains and locks 😉 Couple all of that with the one of the nicest, most luxurious materials I’ve ever felt, and you’ve got the complete package: my favorite butt plug.

If you can find the BOSS Silicone Stopper IV in your area or online, buy it!

Tantus Ryder

As my first review, I think it is fitting to take on my go-to butt plug, the one I use more than any other. It’s not that it’s my favorite, but it’s easy to insert, relatively comfortable, and it feels pretty good.

Tantus Ryder

Ryder by Tantus is a small silicone plug free of gimmicks. It has a glossy smooth finish that takes well to water and oil based lubricants. Contrary to what Tantus has said about their toys being able to use silicone lube, I’ve had trouble with even the high quality stuff, such as Pjur, sort of drying on to the surface. Fortunately it came off with soap and water.

My copy is a neat pearlescent blue, though it comes in purple, black, and neon colors. It measures exactly 1.5″ in diameter at its widest point and tapers down to a 7/8″ diameter neck. Here it is beside a can for scale:

Ryder Size

Because of it’s relatively small size, I don’t need to warm up before putting this plug in. And because it doesn’t flare like most plugs, all it takes is one gentle push and the rest of it slides in satisfyingly.

Once in, this plug delivers a surprising feeling of fullness given its size. It’s enough so you can’t forget it’s there, but not enough to be distracting. That feeling of fullness, I’ve noticed, intensifies the longer I wear it, perhaps as I become more aroused, perhaps as pressure increases inside. After a night’s sleep with it in, I wake up with a wonderful, constant but subtle feeling of pleasure in my lower abdomen as it pushes against my prostate.

As someone who puts a plug in and leaves it there for several hours or days, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate this plug for its simplicity. Extra bumps and ripples can’t be felt once inside and only serve to collect waste and cause discomfort. Sadly, the market seems to be flooded with gimmicky plugs offering weird shapes not conducive to long-term wear.

What makes Ryder one of the most comfortable plugs I’ve worn is its base. Its base is the smallest on any plug I’ve seen. Some people consider that a bad thing, as if it will get sucked in. Let me assure you that will absolutely not happen with normal use. The base measures 1″ by 2.5″ and is only 1/4″ thick. It sits very comfortably between the cheeks and can barely be felt while sitting. While standing, the base is small enough so that the cheeks close around it, making it completely unnoticeable.

In my opinion, the base is the most important thing to get right in a butt plug. It is usually the thing that is felt most, and for long-term wear, even the smallest flaw will cause serious discomfort. In the case of the Ryder, the base does have a small flaw, and that makes it the plug’s biggest flaw.

Ryder Base

It’s hard to capture on camera, but the bottom of the base has sharp right edges from the molding process. It feels fine initially, but due to how deep inside the cheeks the base sits, after a few hours it begins to feel like it’s cutting into my skin. I find myself having to half push it out and reposition it every so often from that point. Relubing does not seem to help. Sometimes I get used to it, though usually that’s my cue to switch to a different plug.

The Ryder is the plug I put in when I just want to relax or go to sleep without stretching myself out beforehand. It’s simple and comfortable to a point. It’s my go-to plug. As I write this, I have it firmly inside my butt, and I suspect it will stay there for at least the next twelve hours.